Saturday, 7 January 2012

Northern Beaujolais: The Society's Exhibition Juliénas 2010

According to the Wine Society in the UK:

"Juliénas is one of the northernmost crus; some say this was where the first vines were planted in Beaujolais and the name harks back to Julius Caesar."

That's some history. I had a the privilege of sharing a bottle of this over Christmas, alonside some other northern Beaujolais wines.

This was one of the best I tasted and is a gem at the price (less than £9 a bottle)

Surprisingly robust, sappy, (a common and accurate term for wines of this area it seems) yet with a fragrant and complex nose, it went superbly with the leftover turkey and lashings of bubble and squeak. (Don't be fooled by the picture on Wikipedia: Done right, it's a superb dish)

Highly recommended. A subtle yet full tasting gem.

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