Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lamothe-Cissac 2006: Big, full and complex, and under £14

I've blogged on the Lamothe-Cissac 2003 before. That's a stunning wine at the price. The 2001 is also amazing, if you can get it.

The 2006, given it's a bit younger, and still a bit young, seems more easily available.

At under £14 a bottle you can't go wrong. All the length and depth of the earlier wines, but of course lacking a little age. If you have a cellar, put some in it and leave it for five years.

The Chateau itself is right on the border with Saint Estephe, which is perhaps why I like it more than other Haut Medoc wines. It has that complex robustness and, yes, slight minerality that I really enjoy.

I was lucky enough to sample it at Goodman's on Maddox Street in London, where it went wonderfully with a burger. I hope they don't run out of it soon.

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