Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hidden gem year: 1996 left bank Bordeaux

Bargain vintage drinking
As an amateur enthusiast and small collector of some vintage bottles of red, I've come across a few years which I think represent very good value given the quality and price on offer.

One of these is 1996 Bordeaux, on the left bank.

I've never had a bad bottle from the year, and there is incredible variation as the wines age.

For example Potensac 1996 is a bit of a gem. It tastes to me like a 2000, smooth, elegant and with a long long way to go.

Meanwhile Cos Labory 1996 is a completely different beast. It's claret that Jancis Robinson and others suggest drinking now. It's on the way out they say. I'd agree, which is what makes it such a bargain at just £30 a bottle with tax and duty.

I found a couple of cases on BBX, the Berry Brothers exchange where you can buy from individuals online within the Berry's system.

Other great 1996 wines worth a look from the left bank are Calon Segur and Sociando Mallet. Both cracking, if a little more costly at around £75 and £50 each.

For value aged claret drinking, there's a lot of mileage left in the vintage.

Making this blog more interesting..

After a while blogging on individual bottles of wine that style has run its course.

I thought about deleting the blog altogether. Writing about something such as wine, where a few years learning counts for little by comparison to others, is a humbling experience.

Rather than doing that though, I'll make it more about places, areas, vintages and experiences. That should provide a little more variation.

Let's see how that goes.