Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Haut Bages Monpelou 2010 as a bargain

I mentioned Haut Bages Monpelou 2000 in an earlier post as an excellent wine at the price.

I've made a few enquiries about the 2010.

By the sounds of it, along with lots of others Bordeaux wine, 2010 for Haut Bages Monpelou was a stonkingly good year.

Berry Brothers has cases at £140. Their view is that it has:

"...charming ripe red fruit with a Ribena modishness that's really compelling and great component parts pulled together in a neat, tidy and, above all, tasty package."

That doesn't tell one that much as a review, but it may be worth a punt.

It's so young it's hard to tell I suppose.

Even with five years or more of storage costs, it may still be worth it at the price.

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